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This comtemporary-design bathub brings together beauty, comfort and ease of use



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Features & Benefits

Product Description


Consult your local distributor to confirm the compatibility of faucets with installation constraints and specifications of selected MAAX bathtubs.

  • Relaxing armrests and ergonomic backrest 
  • Headrest
  • Integrated tiling flange
  • Integrated apron with access panel when equipped with a system
  • Alcove installation only 
  • Right or left-hand drain

Model & available dimensions

Downtown 6032 A - 105727

60 " x 33 " x 21 "
Water Capacity (Max, Min):
38 G , 26 G

Available Systems

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With 10 discreet microjets, this Advanta by MAAX whirlpool system offers a clean look and an effective massage. Back jets help release accumulated stress and strain your lower back you are wrapped by other in an encompassing massage. Adjust water flow from caress to intense with silent air switches at your fingertips. Learn more

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Release the stress and strain your back accumulates during the day with Backmax. Optional with the Hydrosens & Combined systems, Backmax will compliment your therapy with its rotating and pulsating jets strategically positioned to massage your back. Learn more

water massage picto


A stimulating and toning massage with 6 side "spa" jets offer owners of select Advanta by MAAX tubs an affordable, easy relaxation experience. These directional jets let you adjust the massage intensity and targeted muscles to your every wish. Learn more

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Bubble Tub

The Bubble Tub system fills your bath with therapeutic air bubbles streaming from tiny holes surrounding the bathtub wall. The sparkling water will gently enfold you from head to toe giving you an encompassing massage. See Aerosens system

water air massage picto

Combined Hydrosens and Bubble Tub

Experiment and discover your perfect combination of the pulsating healing ability of water massage and the gentle reassuring ripple of air jets. Activate our water and air systems together for maximum effect or devise an alternating program that fulfills you head to toe, in and out – body, mind and soul. Learn more

The therapeutic massage options available in MAAX offer an infinite range of health benefits.

Options & Accessories


Waste and overflow
Waste and overflow (sold separately)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Water heater
Water heater (factory-installed)
1.5 kw, 120 volts
Microjet trim kit
Microjet (091) trim kit (factory-installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084), Polished Brass (085) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Hydrosens trim kit
HydrosensTM (107) & Combined HydrosensTM and AerosensR (109) trim kit (factory-installed)
Including the 2 air control covers
Available colors: Chrome (084), Polished Brass (085) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Flexible main hose
Flexible main hose for Bubble Tub blower with air push (sold separately)
Includes: 9-ft extension, clips and one nylon coupling; flexible air switch hose
Push button cover for Bubble Tub
Push button cover for Bubble TubR (108) (sold separately)
Available colors: Chrome (084), Polished Brass (085) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Flexible main hose for Bubble Tub
Flexible main hose for Bubble TubR blower with combined systems (109) (sold separately)
Includes: 15ft hose, 2 clips, 1 nylon coupling and 1 power cord
Acrylic apron with access
Acrylic apron with access
Foam pillow
Foam pillow with suction pads (sold separately)
Available color: White (001)
Air push trim kit
Push button cover for Bubble TubR (108)(factory-installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084), Polished Brass (085) and Brushed Nickel (105)
One chromatherapy light
One chromatherapy light (factory installed)

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